Lugo president and bishop

Lugo president and bishop

Lugo is news. For some special reasons. It’s bishop, but does not exercise because it is now president of Paraguay. This is the first time in history that a bishop is president of a country. Lugo, president.

In religious circles, bent on whether to ask the new president will return to the church, what decision will take the pope to this situation so different. Lugo replied that he loves his church. But nobody wondered what God will think of his son Lugo?

At the political level was welcomed, not in vain defeated a party that ruled for six decades.
At religious, the church has rules that must meet those within it but let us not forget that God has paths for their children because it is Father, Father, sometimes do not understand the cold ecclesiastical rules.

Right now bishop of Lugo does not exercise but as chairman and the question is how long will it take the bishops and priests who criticized him in hearing the president call Lugo ?…. and with the soup spoon.

Dr. Gumersindo Meiriño