Pope exhausted

Pope exhausted

I do not know what will be the criterion for choosing some daily news every day. I do not know who to charge some people make the news.

Le Figaro, a prestigious newspaper in France has made us a report that suggests the great observation capacity of its researchers. They have realised that the pope was tired after his trip to the United States and then have drawn the conclusion that the Pope is sick.

Benedict XVI has eighty-two years. He traveled to the United States, several hours flight from Italy with airport transfers, with an agenda full of meetings at the highest political, social and religious, from one place to another. After a tiring journey for any couple, arrived on a Tuesday in Rome. On Wednesday the High Court had not decided to rest because…

The Figaro concludes that the Pope is sick. Some conclude that a pope with eighty-two years and this activity so intense and exhausting, is sanísimo…. and with the soup spoon.

Dr. Gumersindo Meiriño