Assisi. In two by two

Assisi. In two by two

Assisi is small, charming and quiet. The streets are narrow, tortuous for autos. Well organized, not many people. It walks well. Hare heat. It breathes air small city, harmonious. It’s easy to imagine a child running by those Francisco streets.
We entered the city took a turn and saw a church in the distance. We Assisi and momentarily took us across the car. The church is great. We entered. Within a tiny chapel. Rare very rare: absolute silence, no photos, no talks, no atmosphere of tourists in haste and desire to draw a picture anything that moves and whistles.
In the chapel we installed. We pray. He spends a lot of people. Some observed. We miss. Miran and remain silent. There is nothing to look at the chapel. It intuye who ask, what is this?. I am touched by thinking at that young man who was born more than eight hundred years. He heard a voice: “Repair my church.” And for more than three years that little chapel repaired.
It is ideal to pray. Silence, peace.
We warn that they will close. We are approaching the tomb of Francis. We pray before the remains of the prophet of peace. A few metres hear the chants of monks. Levanto sight. They sing. Some look upward toward the annoying poquitos visitors to the church.
It breathes peace, silence.
Back in Assisi, walk, walk. It’s noon. Fall. The sun squeezed. We crossed many brown habits. Two go running. Before the heat put the hoods of their habits Franciscans. We walked above, to find the chapel of Clare of Assisi. So says the Gospel: And “sent them two by two.” Here in Assisi breathes this atmosphere of “two by two”: Francis and Clare Francis and Clare.

In the church of Clara, more silence, more peace. It was nice to pray. Nor photos. More curious than in the church of San Francisco. We stand in front of Christ of San Damiano. This is the Christ who told Francis: “Reconstruct my church.” In front of Christ there is a wooden reclinatorio to pray. Tourists not resist much time in front of the Crucified. The curious look and continue their path. In reclinatorio is a prayer in different languages. The Saints know pray. This is the text of a prayer that Francis prayed. Single, deep, wonderful. From knees slowly gold with the words of Francis, before the same crucifix that he did. I do it in Italian because I think he would do in that language:

. O alto e glorioso Dio,

Ilumine la tenebre del cuore mio

Danmi una fede retta,

Speranza certa,

Caritá perfetta

E umiltá profunda

Danmi Signore, senno e discernimento

Per compiere a tua volontá. Amén.

Mary is kneeling beside me, collection, praying…., Excited. It’s in your sauce, among mystics. Between two: Francis and Clare. Because things are the way they are and according to the Gospel, is sending “two by two.” And although I do not know if it is written in the Gospel…… soup. with spoon.


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