Santiago “matamoros”

Santiago “matamoros”

I respect very much the story of my land, with its successes are many and that its rulings are less. But looking at my land and the Galician employer Santiago Apostol I can not quit with a little surprise.

When reading the Gospel there is an episode that reflects very well what it was like the heart of Jesus and how his followers were wanted. The apostles went to a village of Samaritans. It is known that these were enemies of the Jewish cause, does not like?, Religious and were not received. Then James and John told the Master, ‘Lord, do you want us to say that fire down from heaven and consume? “But he rebuked the turning.”

Seeing many churches of my land Galician, with the magnificent Cathedral presided over by Santiago Apostle uploaded the horse with a sword in his hand this Santiago recalls that he wanted to reprimand the Samaritans with fire from heaven. Many other churches of Spain, especially on the road to Santiago are irrigated by the same image, and in many places of americas, we saw Santiago uploaded to the horse and the sword in his hand killing Moors.

Also Pedro Empuaan the sword to defend the Master in the Garden of Gethsemane and cut off the ear of Malchus, one of the servants of the High Priest. And Jesus said to Peter, “” Return your sword to your site, because all wielding sword, a sword will perish. Or I think I can not ask my Father, which would point at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? “.

The figure of Santiago killing Moors does not seem the most appropriate to a Christian vision of life or to preside over a temple in which we talk about peace. An apostle of the risen Jesus is a messenger of peace and non-wielding weapons, nor swords. A follower of Jesus is the one that is capable of putting the other cheek. Or what the Gospel take seriously or not but we do not maul to espadazos.

It is true that history has left a historical reality of patent battles and conquests between Moors and Christians, but it is high time that purifies the historical memory in the holy and sacred places where the only message should be that of peace and not of violence and the sword, nor the memories of battles won.

The churches are not museums of past events that have nothing to do with the message of Jesus. Or, what preach from the pulpit priests and bishops? If not what?.? We say in the pulpit forgiveness, peace, fraternity and raise the light and look at one of the apostles of peace with sword, How is that? Is it not hypocritical? Is this not hypocrisy what most bothered to master?

Take, if they want, “Santiago Matamoros” and his horse to museums such as respect for a story improved. And take all of the churches is not a sign that peace and partnership.

What is real and genuine Santiago, a follower of Jesus, the apostle of peace.

Gumersindo Meiriño


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